Within the Ghent University, a number of researchers have build up international recognition in material analysis and in the context of art-historical research of 15thand 16th-century panel paintings ("Flemish Primitives"). This important potential of highly specialised knowledge and equipment offers a unique opportunity to establish an interfaculty collaboration, in which these forces are gathered. For this reason GicA&S was started.

The goal of this collaboration is to develop innovation in non-destructive analysis of the most precious objects of the Flemish cultural heritage. This interdisciplinary initiative is made possible by a principal agreement between the first promoter, Prof. dr. M. Martens, and the VlaamseKunstCollectie (structural collaboration between Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten Antwerp, Groeningemuseum Bruges and Museum voor Schone Kunsten Ghent).

This collaboration will take initiatives to improve and optimise existing and innovative scanning techniques for the investigation of precious art objects. Furthermore, it will be assessed how these new analytical techniques can be structurally incorporated within the art-historical discours and presented in an image-oriented research tool, in order to improve interdisciplinary research results and exchange.